2013 hyundai sonata oil filter

Which engine oil and filter do you use for your Sonata? I have a 2013 Sonata Limited 2.4L. Does anyone have any recommendations? What works best for your car? Also, could you share all the other products you use besides engine oil, like brake fluid, air filter, fuel filter, coolant, etc.? Thank you!

Consult your car manual for recommended oil & filters.

Just @HyundaiAnn random recommendations if you want to safe your car…

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Is the engine oil in your crankcase low, gritty, and dark, or does it resemble golden-brown honey? When the oil transitions from a fresh appearance to a discolored state, it serves as an indication not only for an oil change but also highlights a potential issue with the oil filter.
As the filter accumulates contaminants and debris, it may reach its capacity, allowing harmful substances like carbon to remain in the oil.

For a 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited 2.4L, I recommend using a synthetic 5W-30 engine oil and a high-quality oil filter like Fram or Bosch.

This oil will help the performance and long life of your vehicle.


You can go @Molly12 way

@HyundaiAnn I use SAE 5W-20 oil1 and HYUNDAI Original 26300-35504 oil filter2,
Those that I have recommended above are good but you may check your manual for specifics.

I only use 5W-30 oil and OEM filters.

For other products: DOT 3 brake fluid, OEM air and fuel filters, and ethylene glycol coolant.

@HyundaiAnn before you change the oil just seek advice and check out the manual