2014 Elantra GT battery replacement

Hi Elantra GT owners,

I have had my 2014 Elantra GT with the tech package (leather, sunroof, premium stereo with NAV) since 2014. I fixed the rear wheels handling issue back then by replacing them with KYB shocks, which greatly improved the car’s performance on twisty and mountain roads. My car now has about 55K miles.

I need some advice on two issues:

  1. I want to improve the handling by replacing the front shocks with good aftermarket ones, but I can’t find any. Are there any available?

  2. I need to replace my car battery. Shops recommend a smaller H5 battery (650 CCA, 100 min reserve), but the H6 matches the OEM size and has better specs (730 CCA, 115 min reserve). Should I go for the H6 even though the shops only install H5?

Thanks for your help!


I encountered a similar issue when I replaced the battery in my '14. The dealer refused to sell me the H6 battery because it wasn’t listed in their system. After a few minutes of trying to explain to the counter guy that having more CCA wouldn’t harm the car and that the important factors were voltage and sufficient CCA, I gave up. Instead, I went to another store and bought an Interstate battery. It’s been in the car for over a year now without any problems. The negative battery cable fits perfectly without being stretched, just like with the original battery.

I joked with a friend that the Interstate H6 I installed has so many cranking amps that if the starter ever locks up, the entire car will start rotating.

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If I had two batteries that looked the same and cost the same, but one had a higher capacity, I’d choose the one with the higher capacity, as long as it was just as good in quality and warranty.

I have a 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT, but I don’t have any other details. The KYB website suggests these parts and mentions they’ll be available in the third quarter. However, we already have them available here.

Maybe you should contact KYB to confirm:

  • Left Front: 3340149
  • Right Front: 3340148
  • Rear: 554384 (Gas-a-Just) or Excel-G 349184

Hey Elantra GT friends! Your 2014 GT with the tech package is a sweet ride! Here’s some advice on your questions:

  • Upgrading Front Shocks: Finding aftermarket options might be tough. Consider OEM replacements for a guaranteed fit, or research “coilover conversions” for adjustability (more involved).
  • Replacing Car Battery: Shops recommend H5 (fits, but lower power). The H6 (original size) offers more starting power and reserve capacity. Call around - some independent shops might install the H6 for you.

Remember to enter your car’s exact details when searching for parts online to ensure compatibility.