2016 hyundai elantra Turn Signal Issues

Having quite a bit of trouble with the turn signals on my 2016 Hyundai Elantra (base model)… I’ve been reading over a lot of threads here but have not found one yet that exactly matches my situation.
First the issue started as one of the turn signal indicators coming on and staying on in the instrument panel inside the car - just solid lights, no flickering and turn signals clicked really fast when using them. There was also an issue with the bulbs for the turn signals not coming on all the time. I figured I should probably check the bulbs first. I checked the side indicated by the dash, didn’t see anything wrong with the bulb but replaced it anyways. The indicator on the dash for that turn signal (Driver side) went off but still no light out of that bulb. The next day, the indicator light was back on, this time for the passenger side turn signal. I checked and replaced that bulb as well. Then re-checked both sides to make sure that connections were clean and fastened correctly, and that the driver’s side bulb had not blown out overnight. Turned the car back on, and problem solved! Except it wasn’t. The next evening I was driving the car and had to turn my headlights on. As soon as I switched them on, the turn signal indicator for the driver’s side came back on. I thought maybe it was a running light this time… since it didn’t trigger the indicator with the headlights off (which it was doing previously). By the time I got back home to check it, I had figured out that it was the turn signal again - this time it was acting like there was a loose connection. It would come on and go off (no clicking noises), behaving a lot like a wire with a loose connection. Opened up that headlight again this morning and couldn’t find any loose connections. This is not currently affecting any of the other turn signals, just the driver side front. Another weird symptom - when the headlights are off and I turn the turn signal on for the driver’s side, it makes normally timed clicking noises… but there is no indicator on the dash. When the headlights are on, the indicator is always present and it alternates between clicking quickly sometimes and clicking normally when actually using the turn signal.

Sorry for the long post, I figure the more info, the better. I have checked everything that I know of and haven’t been able to find any threads for this exact issue. Please help!