Alternator impossible to remove from 2011 3.5

Hey guys

I’ve been working for hours to remove the alternator from my 2011 Santa Fe 3.5L. I’ve detached it from the mounts and removed wiring, sensors, and the engine cover. Despite freeing the fan shroud, I can’t maneuver the alternator out due to the shroud still obstructing. Removing the shroud from its brackets hasn’t helped either. Considering moving the A/C compressor but concerned about damaging piping. Any detailed advice from someone who’s done this on this model? Videos on other years show it’s simpler, but specifics for this model are scarce.

Removing the alternator from a 2011 Santa Fe 3.5L can be tricky due to the fan shroud obstruction. Since you’ve detached mounts, wiring, sensors, and the engine cover, try pivoting the shroud slightly or shifting it to create more clearance. If that doesn’t work, cautiously consider moving the A/C compressor while paying attention to piping to avoid damage. Check out this video.

Go buy an alternator at your local car parts store and replace it yourself. Plenty of YouTube videos. Most alternators have 4 bolts. The hard part is removing the belt. You will save $1,000.