Anti Theft Software Upgrade Recall Campaign

There is a service campaign to upgrade the anti theft software. It reads that the issue is for cars without a push button start. I have a push button start so not sure why the VIN is included in this campaign.

The push button start cars already have an immobilizer, and I verified that the immobilizer symbol shows on the gauge cluster. I don’t feel like wasting a day at the dealer to do this upgrade if it doesn’t benefit cars with a push button start ignition. Can someone shed light on this campaign and if it needs to be done for a push button start car. Thank you.

:smile: your paranoia is waranted, but The campaign focuses on vehicles built with traditional key-turn ignitions (not push-button) from specific model years. These models might have lacked an immobilizer or had a weaker anti-theft system.

Your Kia might be on the list by mistake since they’re checking a lot of vehicles. But with the push-button start and the security symbol, your Telluride likely already has the good stuff.

Your Kia got a message about extra security, but it likely already has the best stuff because of the push-button start and security light. Call the dealer if you want to be extra sure, but your Telluride is probably a security champ already!

Older Kia cars with regular keys might need some extra security. They’re getting a software update to be extra safe. But your awesome Kia with the push-button start is probably already super secure!

The best course of action would be to contact the dealership’s service department directly.

They can access the specific details of the campaign and confirm whether the upgrade applies to your car with push-button start