Can you share your experience with the reliability and performance of the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS after 126,000 miles?

Hey guys, my 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS just hit 126,000 miles this week! I snagged this car brand new back in 2014 for just under $15K, and so far, it’s been a decent ride. I’ve had to replace a few sets of tires, windshields, brake pads, and obviously, loads of oil changes. At 70K miles, I had the transmission serviced, which helped smooth things out a bit. But here are a few quirks I’ve noticed over the years:

  • The rocker panels feel pretty flimsy; had a chunk of snow cave in the passenger side one once.
  • Sometimes, it runs a bit rough, especially with the AC on at idle.
  • The transmission can be a bit stubborn, holding onto gears longer than it should or failing to drop down to first gear after stopping (was stuck in 3rd once).
  • Traction control is my nemesis in winter.
  • Just today, the check engine light popped up with code P0106, but it disappeared after about 10 minutes.

Despite these hiccups, I’m determined to drive this car into the ground! Hoping to hit 300K miles, but we’ll see how it holds up…

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That your 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS has proven to be a dependable friend is wonderful to hear! It is normal for tires, windshields, and brake pads to wear out. It appears that the transmission servicing at 70K was a wise decision. It can be annoying to deal with flimsy rocker panels, harsh AC idling, and sporadic transmission anomalies. A little sensor error might be the cause of the transitory P0106 code. Three hundred thousand miles is attainable with consistent maintenance. Wishing you luck!

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My 2013 Elantra GLS with 126,000 miles has been a mixed bag. While some report ticking noises and even engine failures around this mileage, luckily mine has been running okay. On the downside, it seems achieving the advertised highway mileage of 40 mpg is a challenge for many drivers, myself included. That said, others have gotten there on road trips, so it might depend on driving style. Overall, it seems keeping up with routine maintenance is key for these cars to last the expected 200,000 miles. If you’re considering a used one, it might be wise to factor in potential engine repairs down the line.

Mine hasn’t had that issue, but maybe there are specific engine components to look out for during pre-purchase inspections on these models? Anyone have experience with those ticking noises?