Car ac evaporator cleaner

I was wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on the best way to get the clean/foam spray on the coils for my 2014 Santa Fe LWB? I’ve located the cabin air filter and can see the blower motor, but the coils don’t look close to it.
They look to be in the middle of the dash.

How can I go about spraying the foam in the correct location?
From the looks of a diagram I found the evaporator would be to the left in this picture.


You will need to have access to the evaporator in order to clean the coils on your 2014 Santa Fe LWB. To improve access, this usually entails deleting portions of the dashboard. Use an evaporator-specific foaming coil cleaning. As directed by the manufacturer, make sure the spray reaches the coils by using a longer nozzle if needed. If you are uncertain about dismantling the dash, get expert advice.

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For cleaning your car’s AC evaporator, I recommend using a foaming AC evaporator cleaner. Brands like Lubegard or Kool-It make effective options.

There are two main methods for cleaning it. One involves physically accessing the evaporator, which may require removing additional components under the dash or HVAC system. This method is more effective but can be harder to do.

The other method involves cleaning it by spraying a cleaning solvent through the AC evaporator drain under the car. This approach is easier but less effective, especially if there’s debris like leaves in the evaporator.

The choice between the two methods depends on the reason for cleaning. If it’s just for odor problems, the second method might suffice. However, if there’s debris present, the first method is necessary.

If you’re being charged $234 to clean it the first way, it’s a reasonable price. However, if it’s $234 for the second method, you’re likely being overcharged.

To clean the evaporator coils on your 2014 Santa Fe LWB, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the Glove Box: This gives you better access to the area behind the dash.
  2. Locate the Evaporator Core: It’s typically housed in the HVAC box, which is behind the glove box.
  3. Insert the Cleaning Hose: Use a long, flexible hose that comes with your foam cleaner. Thread it through the blower motor housing or any accessible vent to reach the coils.
  4. Spray the Foam: Apply the cleaner as directed on the can. Make sure to cover the coils thoroughly.
  5. Reassemble: Once done, allow the foam to work and dry before reassembling everything.

If this seems too complex, consider having a professional do it to avoid potential damage to your HVAC system.