Check forward safety system hyundai

Yesterday, during a short trip to another town, a “check forward safety system” message appeared on my screen. Naturally, the cruise control stopped working as a result.

I tried stopping the car and turning it off and on, but that did not fix it. Despite multiple stops and ignition cycles, I am now on my second day with this error still showing.

I inspected the front area under the license plate where the black rectangle is located, and it is clear of any obstructions.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or is this something that needs to be addressed by the dealer?

This was a problem I ran across with my sonata. It turned out that my dashcam with GPS activated was interfering. I eventually replaced it with a higher-quality GPS-enabled camera, and the problem hasn’t arisen again.

I’m still unsure how it interfered, but the outcomes speak for themselves.

I’m having a similar issue but my dealer told me the the radar position says it has “ shifted” even though there’s no indication of a collision. Can anyone else chime in if their Forward radar units have failed or have been diagnosed and misaligned then later found failed? So that I can push the dealer to cover this under warranty