Dealing with Vibration During Acceleration - Any Advice?

Hey everyone,

I could really use some help here. So, I’ve been driving my 2016 Sonata Limited for about 117,000 miles, and recently, it’s been giving me some serious vibrations. It only happens when I accelerate, but it’s getting worse and worse, like really bad. The vibration is so intense that my seat feels like it’s vibrating like crazy, and you can actually see the front end of the car moving back and forth.

I have a feeling it might be the motor mounts, but I’m not entirely sure. Any ideas on what else could be causing this? I’ve already replaced the tires because they were due, and I did all the brakes about a month ago. I’ve got an appointment booked at the dealership, but it’s not for almost a month, and honestly, I don’t think I can wait that long.

Any suggestions or thoughts you guys have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

It sounds like motor mounts could be the issue, given the intense vibrations during acceleration. Consider checking the CV joints and drivetrain as well. Try to get an earlier appointment or visit a local mechanic if the vibrations are severe.

It’s good you suspect the motor mounts given the vibrations. Since it’s urgent, consider:

  1. Checking Motor Mounts: See if they are damaged or displaced.
  2. Inspecting Drivetrain: Look at CV joints, axles, and transmission mounts.
  3. Examining Engine Balance: Check for misfires or other engine issues.

Since waiting a month might be too long, try visiting a local mechanic for a faster diagnosis and potential repair to prevent further damage.

Great advice! Visiting a local mechanic for an immediate check on the motor mounts, drivetrain, and engine balance is a wise move. Since the vibrations are severe, getting a professional diagnosis soon can help address the issue before it possibly worsens. Thanks for outlining those key inspection areas.

Definitely check the motor mounts, CV joints, and drivetrain due to the vibrations. Consider seeing a local mechanic sooner for a quick diagnosis and fix.