Diagram for the ignition switch

Hello folks,

I have purchased a remote start/stop button kit and need the wiring diagrams for my car. Does anyone know where I can find these diagrams? Thanks!


I can’t provide a specific diagram for your car’s ignition switch since they vary depending on the make and model. However, I can give you a general idea. Imagine a rotary switch with different positions connected to various circuits by wires. Turning the key with the fob inserted activates these positions. In the “OFF” position, no power flows. “Accessory” might power the radio or lights. “ON” supplies power to most electrical systems. Finally, “START” cranks the engine using a high-power connection to the starter motor (bypassing other circuits for safety). It’s like a conductor controlling an orchestra, each position directing power to different components in your car. If you’d like to see a diagram for your specific Kia Seltos 2023, searching online for “2023 Kia Seltos ignition switch wiring diagram” might provide results, but it’s always best to consult a repair manual or professional for any electrical work on your car.


Check your car’s owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website