Do Hyundai vehicles come with a command start feature?

Are there any lights that should be on when you use remote start? Currently, no lights turn on when I use remote start. I can tell the car has started, but I would like some kind of light to show that it’s running. Also, is it possible to extend the remote start time? I know it’s currently set for only 10 minutes. Thank you for your help.

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Having indication lights to verify that the engine is running is advantageous when using remote start. Whether or whether you may use remote start after 10 minutes depends on your car; check with your dealer or handbook for details.

Yes, many Hyundai vehicles come with a remote start feature, commonly known as “command start,” either as a standard feature or as an optional add-on. This feature allows you to start your vehicle’s engine remotely using a key fob or a mobile app, which is particularly useful for warming up or cooling down the car before you get in.

hi amanda your doubts and queries have bee cleared, listen you can search the Hyundai website for your specific model and year to see if remote start is a listed feature.or ask your local Hyundai dealership which could confirm if your vehicle has remote start and answer any questions you have about using it.