Do you have to pay to renew Bluelink or did Hyundai make it free?

I believe I heard somewhere that once your Bluelink subscription expires, it will just continue to function (guided, remote, connected care). The notion is that Hyundai simply provided everything for free. Or perhaps simply nav updates?

My 2020 Sonata indicates that it has 5 months left. It also says that the renewal fee will be $99 per person. Is it going to continue for free?

I looked around the topic and could not find anything, so perhaps I read it someplace else (or had lousy search phrases).

(I imagined it)


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If you are the first owner, you should have received three years of Bluelink service, but it requires activation by the dealer.

For second owners, it’s a paid subscription.

Personally, I find little value or philosophy in not subscribing to car features. Therefore, I intentionally waited for a 2024 model, ensuring it’s free for the original owner’s lifetime, except for OTA upgrades after three years. I won’t be paying for it.

Bluelink Subscription is free for 3 years when you buy a new car. After 3 years, you can pay to renew the subscription.

If you happen to be the original owner, you should have received a complimentary 3-year Bluelink subscription. Just a heads up, you’ll need to contact your dealer to have it activated. If you’re the second owner, then it’s a paid subscription.