Does the new 2018 Tucson Value FWD have ECO Mode?

I just bought the 2018 Tucson Value Edition yesterday. While test driving the car with barely 8 miles on it, the salesman changed the drive mode to sport and then to regular. He was able to activate the “eco” mode briefly before it was switched off. I read the manual, believing there was a particular way to engage the ECO Mode, but when I clicked the button, it merely cycled from Normal–> ECO–> Sport. I phoned him today, and he stated that the “green light” I noticed on the dash under the RPM region could have been a different light indicator, and that only some models have the option, while mine most likely does not. I tried clicking quickly, double-clicking, and holding down the drive mode button, but it still does not display. Does anyone know if it was a system error or if my vehicle has it but I am not utilising it correctly?

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It sounds like you’re having some confusion regarding the drive modes on your Tucson.

From what you’ve described, it appears your model does have the ECO mode, as indicated by the manual and your experience during the test drive.

The behavior of the drive mode button cycling through Normal, ECO, and Sport is consistent with how it should function.

Here are a few things you could try:

  1. Check the Manual Again: Sometimes there are small details in the manual about how to engage certain modes that might be easy to miss. Ensure you are following the exact steps.

  2. Restart the Car: Turn off the car completely and restart it. Sometimes systems need a reset.

  3. Look for Indicators: The green light you saw under the RPM region could be the ECO indicator. Check the dashboard symbols section of your manual to confirm what each light represents.

  4. Visit the Dealership: If you’re still having trouble, it might be best to visit the dealership. They can confirm whether your model has the ECO mode and ensure it’s functioning correctly.

It’s also worth noting that sometimes the button can be a bit finicky or there might be a slight delay in the mode changing. If anyone else has experienced similar issues, please chime in!

Relax, your 2018 Tucson Value FWD likely has ECO Mode. It’s a standard feature. Check the manual again for the button (usually with an “ECO” symbol) or look online for tutorials. If all else fails, contact the dealer, but it’s probably just user error.

Based on my research, it seems the 2018 Hyundai Tucson Value FWD model likely does not have an ECO mode. The search results indicate that while some Tucson trims and model years do offer an ECO driving mode, the base Value trim may not include this feature. The posts suggest that the sales representative was unable to consistently activate the ECO mode on the test drive vehicle, and the owner’s manual does not clearly confirm its availability on the Value FWD model. While higher Tucson trims may have ECO mode as an option, it appears the base 2018 Tucson Value FWD does not come equipped with this fuel-saving driving mode. The normal and sport modes seem to be the only available options for that particular trim level.

I don’t think it’s a system error, just consult the manual. It should provide detailed instructions on how to engage ECO mode and what indicators to expect. If not like you said, contact your dealership’s service department.