Electronic Grey Elantra N Line

I have a 2023 Elantra N Line in Electronic Grey, a color meant for the 2024 facelift models. Since there’s no info on how many were made in this color, I’m asking here: does anyone else have a 2023 N Line in Electronic Grey?


Didn’t know Electronic Grey was even available for the 2023 N Line. Anyone else out there sporting this rare color?


Where exactly did you get this model with that color?
Seems you were very lucky to acquire the unit because I personally have never seen 1.

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It’s quite specific to find someone with the same model and color, especially with limited information available about production numbers for that particular combination.

Yeah, my sister’s husband got one. But you can find out if there are others by reaching out to Hyundai enthusiast social media groups or local dealerships where fellow Elantra N Line owners could share their experiences.