Engine on 2018 Hyundai Tucson blew

After experiencing a few days of knocking, my engine ultimately blew, a problem I couldn’t address swiftly enough. Admittedly, I continued driving despite the warning signs, only encountering the oil light and engine light at the very end of my journey home. By then, the car was stalling, emitting smoke, and ultimately met its demise.

Despite the absence of an oil light, I assumed the previous owner had recently performed an oil change, leaving me confident until I reached the 3,000-mile mark. Unfortunately, even after I changed the oil myself, the engine still failed.

I’m uncertain whether this was a result of my actions or if it’s indicative of a broader issue with Hyundai vehicles.

I’m sorry to hear about the engine troubles you’re experiencing with your 2018 Hyundai Tucson. It seems that many others have encountered similar issues with this model. Here are some notable complaints regarding the engine of the 2018 Tucson:

Excessive Oil Consumption: Numerous owners have reported excessive oil consumption resulting from piston ring failure. This issue can lead to a clogged catalytic converter, posing safety hazards as it may disable other vehicle safety features.

Unexpected Engine Shutdown: Another complaint involves the vehicle abruptly halting during driving without warning lights. Upon investigation, this was linked to an engine oil consumption problem. Despite regular oil changes, the vehicle experienced oil depletion, leading to hazardous engine shutdowns.

Sensor Indicators and Intake Problems: Some owners have encountered issues with sensor indicators and intake malfunctions. Sudden vehicle shutdowns can pose safety risks if not addressed promptly.

If you’re currently grappling with engine issues, I suggest contacting a Hyundai dealership or certified mechanic to assess the situation. They can offer expert advice on how best to proceed. Hopefully, a resolution will be found soon!!!