Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

My boyfriend got stranded in Montana, and while driving, the car started jerking badly and wasn’t getting gas, then it would clear up.

He noticed a humming coming from the back of the car, which he cut off and restarted, and it went away. The car idles fine, but jerks when he starts to drive.

My question is, the car is going to a Hyundai dealership on Monday; what kind of cost is he looking at?

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A replacement fuel pump access panel is located beneath the seats of 91 Land Cruisers. should be reasonably simple to replace in light of this. I would go to a parts website, choose the appropriate pump, and do it myself to save a few hundred bucks

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Your boyfriend’s 2017 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid is experiencing issues with the fuel pump. The symptoms he described - engine sputtering, jerking, and humming noise from the rear of the car - are all common signs of a failing fuel pump.
The average cost for a fuel pump replacement on a Hyundai vehicle is typically between $779 and $886, including parts and labor. However, the dealership your boyfriend is taking it to is quoting him $2,900, which seems excessively high. I would recommend your boyfriend get a second opinion from another Hyundai dealer or independent mechanic specializing in hybrid vehicles. They may be able to diagnose the issue more accurately and provide a more fair price for the repair.