Has Hyundai refused to replace your engine! What should you do?

So, my 2017 Sonata has been at the local Hyundai service center since January 10, 2022. Hyundai refuses to replace the engine, citing an update from August 2018 requiring a knock sensor installation. But I purchased my car used in October 2019! I feel like I’ve been sold a lemon, and now I’m stuck dealing with this mess. Even my extended warranty won’t cover it because “it’s Hyundai’s responsibility.” I’ve been keeping up with regular maintenance and still making payments on a car I can’t even drive! I owe $13,600 on it.

Do you think I should take legal action? If so, what type of lawyer should I seek? And do you think the legal fees would end up costing more than just paying to replace the engine myself?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

all you need to do is consult a consumer protection or lemon law attorney which might be another blunder, as laws vary by state.

Legal action might compel Hyundai to cover repairs.

Considering legal action might be a viable option.

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