How can i make my headlights brighter?

I really like most aspects of my 2011 Elantra, but I find the headlights disappointing compared to my previous car (2003 Cavalier) and nowhere near as good as my wife’s 2010 Camry. It seems like the light is concentrated in the first 15 feet in front of the car. There is no broad spread of light, and it doesn’t illuminate the road well at a distance.

Has anyone had success improving this by changing the bulbs?

I am not interested in adding HIDs or modifying the headlights’ appearance. I simply want better illumination on the road. I have heard our car uses two types of bulbs, right? H1 and H11?

I know this issue has been discussed before, and I did search for information, but I didn’t find much that was helpful.

Check out Lasfit Auto LED. I swapped out the halogens on my 2020 Kona because they were awful. The new plug-and-play LED lights are fantastic. I live in Canada where winters are harsh, and I haven’t had any issues with the lights freezing.

Try the Osram Night Breaker Laser. These bulbs offer up to 150% more brightness compared to standard bulbs and have a longer beam distance.

Instal the Philips X-tremeVision they have high brightness and longer beam, providing better road illumination.

Use the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra as they are designed to provide a whiter and brighter light

I had a similar issue with my older model car and found that upgrading the bulbs made a noticeable difference. In your case, since your 2011 Elantra uses both H1 and H11 bulbs, you can consider replacing them with higher quality halogen bulbs designed for better visibility and a longer throw of light. Brands like Philips or Sylvania offer bulbs that are brighter and provide a clearer, more focused beam without needing to convert to HIDs or alter the appearance of your headlights. Look for bulbs specifically labeled for improved visibility or performance to ensure they meet your needs. Additionally, ensuring your headlights are properly aligned can also enhance their effectiveness in illuminating the road ahead.