How can I switch the digital speed display from MPH to KM in my Hyundai?

Hey everyone,

So I’m up in Canada for a business trip, and I’m trying to figure out how to switch my digital speedometer from miles per hour to kilometers per hour. I’ve been searching around but haven’t found anything yet. Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!

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@Unclewaffl3s When in Canada, switching your speedometer to kilometers per hour is crucial.

  1. Check Owner’s Manual: Look for specific instructions.
  2. Settings Menu: Access through your dashboard display.
  3. Button Controls: Use trip reset or dedicated buttons.
  4. Infotainment System: Adjust via touchscreen settings.
  5. Visit Dealership: They can help if needed.

Online forums for your car model might also provide guidance.

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Hello,Start by consulting your Hyundai’s owner’s manual. It often contains detailed instructions on how to customize settings, including the units for the speed display.