How do I Remove Split Screen in Hyundai Display?

Hi people…, I just got into my Hyundai car and accidentally activated a split screen on the display. Now I can’t figure out how to get it back to a single screen view. Can someone please guide me on how to remove the split screen? Thanks…

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Hello…To remove split-screen mode on a Hyundai display, usually, you can press the “Menu” button or touchscreen option and navigate to the split-screen settings. Select the option to disable split-screen or return to single-screen mode.

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Hi Miss Nicky,

Don’t you worry, it happens to the best of us! :smile: To switch back to a single screen view on your Hyundai’s display, try the following steps:

First, press the “Menu” or “Home” button on your display to bring up the main menu. Then you can go to the “Settings” option, and Look for “Display” or “Screen Settings.” On the screen settings, find the option related to “Split Screen” or “Multi-View.”
There should be an option to disable or turn off the split screen view.
However, If these steps don’t work, check your car’s manual for specific instructions or consult Hyundai’s customer support for help.
I hope this helps.

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To remove split-screen mode on a Hyundai display,Touch the split-screen icon or use the display settings menu to revert to single-screen mode, depending on the model and system version.

Just press a split screen button on the display or within a menu at the top of the screen.