How do I turn on "ADS" & what is it?

So I accidentally turned off “ADS” while leaning over to pick my phone. Now it’s permanently on my AC screen whereas before it wasn’t there and I’ve never heard of it in my life…I searched google, the manual(shows a picture of it though), and pressed buttons but it’s still there… I’m stupid I know :cry:

ADS in Hyundai cars means Auto Defogging System. It’s a cool feature that finds water on the inside of the front windshield and turns on the defogging to help you see better while driving.

To use ADS in your Hyundai:

  1. Press and hold the front defrost and mode buttons until ADS starts flashing.
  2. Let go of the buttons and press the front defrost button again.

Please don’t feel stupid, it happens to the best of us! You may have accidentally activated the Automatic Door Lock setting, commonly abbreviated as ADS. Here are a few things you can try to turn it off:

  • Check your owner’s manual for door/lock settings. There should be an option to disable ADS.
  • Press and hold the door lock button on the key fob for several seconds. This sometimes resets door lock settings.

Don’t feel bad about accidentally hitting buttons - it happens! Hopefully one of those easy resets does the trick. Let me know if not and I can suggest taking it into the dealer as a last resort. But those quick fixes may solve it without much hassle. Fingers crossed for you!