How do you recalibrate a Hyundai blend door actuator?

Hey everyone, I’m having an issue with my car’s HVAC system. When I turn on the A/C, the driver side blows hot air while the passenger side is cold. I’m thinking about recalibrating the driver blend door actuator to fix it. Anyone know how to do that?


This method should work for most electronic systems. The module needs to learn the full open and close positions of the doors. Here’s how to reset the A/C:

  1. Set the system to full cold Max A/C and turn the radio off.
  2. Turn the ignition off.
  3. Remove the HVAC (A/C) fuse from the interior fuse box and leave it out for 1 minute before replacing it.
  4. Turn the key to the run/on position without starting the car.
  5. Don’t touch any controls. You’ll hear the doors (actuators) opening and closing as the HVAC module learns the full open and close positions. This takes less than a minute.
  6. Once it’s done, start the car and test the system.

Thank you so much for this info! I’m going to try it on my Sonata. I have the dual-zone automatic electronic climate control and have been having issues with the automatic fan setting. It starts blowing cold air too soon before the warm air is ready. Plus, it seems like the air flow through the selected vents isn’t quite right.

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I just finished trying this, and it WORKED! Thank you so much. I followed all your directions exactly. I did need to use needle-nose pliers to remove the fuse because my fingers are too big. Now, I have strong airflow from my panel and floor vents instead of weak airflow. Thanks again, this saved me from having to deal with the dealership.

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Hi, To recalibrate a Hyundai blend door actuator, disconnect the car battery for a few minutes, reconnect it, and then turn the ignition key to the “on” position without starting the engine.