Hudson Hyundai Reviews

Hey everyone, I’m considering taking a trip to Hudson Hyundai in Jersey City. They seem to have a decent selection of new and pre-owned vehicles online, but I always like to check reviews before I head to a dealership. Anyone have any recent experiences with Hudson Hyundai, either sales or service? The reviews online seem a bit mixed - some folks rave about their customer service, while others mention issues. Hoping to get a well-rounded picture before I visit. Positive or negative experiences, all are welcome

It’s wise to check recent reviews for Hudson Hyundai in Jersey City to gauge their sales and service quality. Mixed online reviews suggest varying customer experiences. Prioritize recent feedback to get a balanced perspective before visiting the dealership for a new or pre-owned vehicle.

I’m glad to hear that! I got my 2022 AWD Limited from them in March 2022. Unfortunately, they’re 80 miles away from me, while there’s a closer one just 10 miles away, but I don’t trust the closer one.