Hundreds of Tiny Chips in Windshield

I’ve got hundreds of tiny chips in the windshield that can only be seen when the sun hits it directly.

Anyone else have these?

And could it be a defect in the glass?


bro…your glass is damaged, likely due to pitting or sandblasting. It’s best to replace it now.

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These damages can occur due to various factors such as exposure to harsh weather conditions, accidental impacts, or improper cleaning techniques.
Pitting refers to small pits or dents on the surface of the glass, usually caused by corrosive substances or environmental factors over time. Sandblasting, on the other hand, involves the use of abrasive materials to remove layers from the glass surface, resulting in visible damage. Both issues can compromise the integrity and safety of the glass, making replacement necessary to ensure structural stability and aesthetics.

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If your windshield has hundreds of tiny chips, they are likely caused by small rocks or debris hitting the glass over time. While these chips may not immediately impair visibility or compromise the windshield’s integrity, they can spread if not addressed. Consider repair if the damage is minor and within a repairable area, or replacement if it obstructs visibility. Consulting a professional is recommended to determine the best course of action. Prevent further damage by avoiding rough terrain and large trucks.

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My understanding is perfectly clear. Perhaps sharing some images could help clarify further.

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