Hyundai Santa Fe VS Mazda CX-5

I’m torn between the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Mazda CX-5. As someone who enjoys frequent road trips with my family, comfort and reliability are top priorities for me. Could anyone who owns or has driven either of these vehicles share their experiences? I’m particularly interested in hearing about comfort levels on long drives, fuel efficiency in real-world conditions, and how well each SUV handles different road conditions. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

I have owned both. Santa fe wins in all categories except driving dynamics. and driving is only behind by a little bit. I honestly think 0-60 is probably the same. infotainment is absolute garbage on the mazda. it is much smaller both interior and cargo capacity. santa fe has these awesome trunk storage spaces that I put a ton of stuff that doesn’t even count towards the total capacity.

If you’re talking about the CX-5 with the 2.5 turbo engine, it’s a better choice than the Santa Fe in terms of performance. However, both cars are pretty reliable. Now, if a good warranty is a big deal for you, then the Santa Fe is the way to go. It’s also worth considering other factors like fuel efficiency, interior features, and overall cost of ownership.

Still I’m gonna die with the CX5