Hyundai Sonata occasionally won't start but the battery is okay

Hi everyone,

I have a 2017 Hyundai Sonata that sometimes would not start. There is no clicking or any sound at all, but the radio and lights still work. I had the battery tested, and it is fine.

I have called several shops to get it checked out, but I am struggling to explain the problem or know where to begin. I had it looked at once, and they did not find anything wrong. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Maybe it’s the starter or something electrical. Honestly, it’s tough to say without a mechanic checking it out. Next time it doesn’t start, try this - have someone jump start it. If that works, it might be the starter or something else.

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A similar problem arose with my fiancée’s 2013 sonata. The reason for this was that occasionally the transmission position sensor would malfunction and fail to recognize that the vehicle was in park.

When that occurs, try switching to neutral and then back to park a couple of times, if you can. It’s a really simple fix if that resolves the issue. On a 2.4l, parts directly beneath the airbox cost about $30.

Is the engine seized? That would certainly burn out a starter and you’d get dimming lights and a click with a new starter and battery

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Thanks for sharing that