Hyundai Steering Wheel locked

Hey guys, I need some help. My 2012 Accent’s steering wheel is stuck. Usually, I could jiggle the key to unlock it, but I lost the key. I had the car towed to a friend’s place, but without the key, we can’t unlock the steering wheel to move the car. It’s hard to figure out how to put it in neutral without the key. (I found out it’s done using the manual gear shifter under the air filter.) How can we unlock the steering wheel without the key?

To be honest, I think moving or unlocking steering keys without a key is an impossible thing. As an anti-theft measure, the steering wheel lock relies on the back of the ignition lock cylinder and tunes a device that slides a bolt or pin in and out of a holed plate on the steering shaft. When not engaged the bolt locks the steering wheel in place not allowing the car to be steered away.

Unlocking a steering wheel without the key can be challenging because of the antitheft features. Therefore, it is important to proceed with caution to avoid damaging your vehicle.
Here are a few methods that might help you:

  • Remove the Ignition Lock: This is the best way to unlock the steering wheel without a key and without damaging any parts. It involves removing the covers around the steering column to access the bolts that hold the ignition lock.
  • Damage the Ignition Lock: Another method is to destroy the ignition lock with a large screwdriver and a hammer. By destroying the pins inside the ignition lock, you should be able to turn the ignition lock, which will unlock the steering wheel lock. However, this will damage the ignition switch.
  • Break the Steering Wheel Mechanism: For some older car models, you can break the steering wheel column by pulling hard on the steering wheel. This may break the steering wheel lock mechanism pin. Note that this method is not recommended for modern vehicles and may not work due to reinforced pins.

You can also contact an experienced mechanic for a piece of advice.