Hyundai warner robins ga

I’ve had my Sonata for a couple of years and wanted a new look. I liked the idea of black wheels on white cars, so I decided to give it a try. I also blacked out my emblems and grill, tinted my windows 20%, added mud guards, and de-badged the rear. I love browsing the forum and trying out ideas from you all, especially the ones I can afford. Let me know what you think, good or bad. If you want to know how I did any of these modifications, I’ll do my best to help!

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I recently gave my Sonata a facelift, adding mud guards, de-badging the back, blacked-out logos and grill, and 20% tinted windows. For my part, I think the changes are reasonable and I really like the new appearance.

Your adjustments have a modern, distinctive sound that improves the Sonata’s visual appeal. A white automobile with black wheels makes a dramatic contrast when combined with other black details like the grill and logos. Mud guards and tinted windows offer flair and utility. A supportive community is fostered by giving assistance and sharing your experience.

I had a great experience with mine.

The sales rep was knowledgeable and explained the features specific to the N model.

He knew all about the infotainment console and walked me through it.

The sales floor was spotless, well-lit, and sparkling clean.

They offered me multiple drinks while I was there.

They set up my Hyundai accounts for me.

I received a courtesy call to check how I was liking the car.

They made a mistake with my down payment, but since I lived an hour away, they drove to me to correct it.

I could see the VIN on their website, so I was able to get insurance on day one.