Hyundai white paint peeling off

This is my first time writing here. I’m having trouble with the paint on my 2019 Santa Fe. It’s coming off, and I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem. It started happening 38 months after I bought the car, so my warranty doesn’t cover it anymore. I’ve already paid $1,250 twice to have parts of the car repainted, and now another area has peeled off just two days ago. I’ve tried talking to the dealership to see if they can help, but they said since it’s past the 36-month mark, they can’t do anything. If Hyundai doesn’t help me with this issue, I might not buy another one of their cars again.

It’s unfortunate about your Santa Fe’s paint issues. Here’s what to do:

  1. Document Everything: Keep records and photos of all dealings and paint issues.
  2. Contact Hyundai Corporate: Explain your situation with evidence; they may offer help.
  3. Check for Recalls: See if there are any recalls or bulletins for paint problems.
  4. Get a Second Opinion: An independent body shop can offer insights and possibly cheaper repairs.
  5. Explore Legal Options: If necessary, consult a consumer rights attorney.
  6. Seek Community Advice: Other owners may have useful tips or similar experiences.

These steps can help you address the paint problem more effectively and decide on future steps with Hyundai.

Great advice! Documenting everything and reaching out to Hyundai Corporate can be very effective. Also, checking for recalls and getting an independent evaluation are smart moves. Consulting with a consumer rights attorney and seeking community advice can provide additional support and insights. These steps are essential for handling the issue effectively.

Document all issues with photos. Call Hyundai, then escalate as needed. Check for service bulletins. Get multiple shop estimates and consult consumer law experts. Connect with owner forums for similar concerns. This approach presses Hyundai to address issues effectively.

If your Hyundai’s white paint is peeling, here are some steps to address the issue:

  1. Warranty Coverage: Check if your car is under warranty and contact your dealer for potential repairs.
  2. Service Bulletins: Look for Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) related to paint issues for guidance.
  3. Document the Problem: Take photos of the peeling for evidence.
  4. Professional Inspection: Get a paint assessment from an auto body shop.
  5. Contact Hyundai Directly: If unresolved by the dealer, reach out to Hyundai Customer Service with your vehicle details and documentation.
  6. Protective Measures: Consider applying a sealant and regularly wash and wax the car to protect the paint.
  7. Legal Advice: For severe cases with no support, consult a consumer protection lawyer.

Taking these steps can help manage and potentially resolve the paint peeling issue efficiently.

Bold move!! Documenting thoroughly and consulting various experts not only strengthens your case but also helps you navigate through the process efficiently. Great tip on connecting with forums too!