Is my Hyundai engine replacement covered under a lifetime warranty?

I bought my 2011 Sonata new. In 2016, the engine failed and Hyundai replaced it for free. In 2019, I had a knock sensor installed. Now, with almost 200,000 miles, the engine light is blinking, it’s making a noise, and the code is p1326. Is my second engine also covered under the lifetime warranty, or was that just for the first engine?


Your second engine should be covered by the lifetime warranty! Hyundai extended the guarantee to include some Theta II engine long block repairs or replacements, including connecting rod bearing damage. This warranty is applicable for both the original and subsequent owners. To qualify, make sure your vehicle has received the Knock Sensor Detection System (KSDS) software update (Service Campaign 953) and that the Check Engine warning lamp displays DTC P1326. Certain 2011-2014 MY Sonata (YF) automobiles with 2.0L Turbo and 2.4L engines are among those affected, as are others. If you have problems, I recommend calling your local dealership for help. Keep in mind that Hyundai engine repair periods can take more than four weeks.

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Yes. The Lifetime Warranty covers all owners of a Class Vehicle, no matter if it’s sold, or leased, how much it’s driven, or how long it’s owned.