Looking for tires - contemplating between 225/55R17 or 215/55R17


Remarkably, the original Michelins have endured for 57,000 miles, but they have now reached the wear indicators.

I aim to find a tire that offers the softest ride feasible while adhering to the 17-inch rims. Personally, I find the stock 225/50s to be a tad too stiff.

Currently, I’m considering the Goodyear Comfortreds.

Do you reckon there would be a significant contrast in ride comfort between these two sizes? Notably, there’s a substantial price difference: $126 versus $155.

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hi client the difference of both tyres would be handling Wider tires (225/55R17) generally offer improved grip and handling, especially during cornering and at high speeds.
with fuel efficiency narrower tires (215/55R17) might deliver slightly better due to lower rolling resistance.

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Tires size 225 55 R17 are designed to fit 17-inch wheels that are 6–8 inches wide. The intended fit for 215 55 R17 tires is 17-inch rims that are 6–7.5 inches wide. Therefore, a 17-inch rim that is wider than 7.5 inches should not be used with a 215 tire. You should NOT install the 215 tire on an 8-inch-wide 17-inch rim.