Need Advice on Axle Replacement

Hey everyone,

I was replacing both axles on my '05 [make/model] because of clicking noises from the passenger side. I have managed to remove the passenger-side axle without issues, but I am having a tough time with the driver-side axle. Specifically, I can’t find a good spot to use a punch to release it from the transmission, and swinging a hammer against the pry bar is not giving me enough leverage.

After struggling for a couple of hours, I tried rotating the axle to move the clip into a better position, but it didn’t seem to help. Frustrated, I ended up pulling on the axle from the other end, and it unexpectedly came apart Is this normal during axle removal, or did something go wrong?

Any advice on safely removing the driver-side axle would be greatly appreciated.

If pushing on the axle causes it to unexpectedly break apart, this is fairly uncommon during axle removal, especially if it was not securely fastened in the transmission. To properly remove it, make sure you have a strong punch tool and enough leverage to pull it from the transmission. Rotating the axle to reposition the clip may assist, but you’ll need to find a safe place to apply and release pressure. Be patient and careful not to harm the axle or transmission in the process.

Before it gets urgent, you can wait a bit. Using hand tools, I replaced it on my 2010 and it wasn’t too bad. Very likely comparable to 2015. In a shop, I would assume it would be less than $500.

Ensure the axle is indeed the issue. Common symptoms include clicking noises when turning, vibrations, or grease on the edge of the wheel hub.