Oil Change at Dealership vs. Valvoline - Which is Better for My Hyundai?

I’m due for an oil change on my Hyundai and I’m trying to decide between taking it to the dealership or going to Valvoline. What are the pros and cons of each option in terms of cost, quality of service, and overall value? Has anyone noticed a difference in performance or maintenance issues based on where they get their oil changed?


Taking your Hyundai to the dealership for an oil change can be more expensive, but they may use better oil and have Hyundai-certified experts. During the oil change, they may also inspect other components of your vehicle. Valvoline is normally cheaper and will use the oil you specify, but their techs may not be Hyundai experts. In the end, either location should perform a good job as long as they use the proper oil for your vehicle. Call both places to acquire pricing and find out what type of inspection is included in their services. Consider how much you want to pay and how crucial it is for you to have Hyundai experts work on your vehicle.

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Both locations’ oil and filter will satisfy manufacturer specifications. The remainder is opinion and marketing.

Both dealerships and Valvoline can be good options for your Hyundai oil change, but they each have pros and cons,