P0014 Code... Back Again!

I’ve been dealing with a P0014 code on my car for months now. I’ve had new cam angle sensors, a variable valve timing solenoid, and now a new timing chain installed, yet the code keeps coming back! My mechanic is baffled. This is costing me money I don’t have, especially since the timing chain replacement alone cost me $2,000. The timing chain did need to be replaced as it was stretched; the mechanic measured it and confirmed. The car is running perfectly, but I’m at my wit’s end. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?


The code P0014 denotes a camshaft timing issue. This code indicates that the camshaft timing is over-advanced, or that it has surpassed a certain point. The cylinders are divided into banks in non-inline engines such as flat, V, and others. The side of the engine housing cylinder one is known as bank one.

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Hello, people the term, P0014 code, it indicates an issue with the camshaft position timing. Specifically, it suggests that the exhaust camshaft in bank 1 is over-advanced.

Sounds like the camshaft might be getting pushed too far ahead, but it’s probably not the camshaft itself causing the problem. The camshaft moves with oil pressure from an actuator. If the actuator has issues — like a messed-up wire or just failing — it could mess with the timing big time. Check the wires going into the actuator to make sure everything’s good and there aren’t any obvious problems.