Remove and/or replace - outside horizoontal windows trim

Hello, folks.

My 2013 Elantra was purchased used, and the previous owner seems to have kept it outside a lot and hardly washed it. I have gotten the muck out of a lot of areas, but the window trim around all of the windows has to be removed, cleaned, and potentially replaced.

The dealer showed me a screw at the end of the window frame that loosens the piece along the window, but I could not ‘gently’ pull it up/out for fear of damaging it. The guy at the dealer did not know anything else… I imagine they do not get to that stuff very often…

I have searched Google and this site extensively, but I can not find any information on how to remove/replace them, and aftermarket parts appear to be limited to chrome ones that stick over it, which I do not want.

Any skilled body shop guys who can assist me in carefully removing these would be extremely useful. The attached image was altered from one of those eBay trim part stores, but it demonstrates what I am talking about.

If the screw at the end of the window frame isn’t giving way easily, you might need to approach it cautiously to avoid damage. Have you considered consulting with a specialized body shop? They often have the expertise to handle such delicate tasks safely. They could provide guidance on how to remove and potentially replace the trim without causing any harm.