Reverse camera not working

Hey everyone,

I just bought a 2020 i10, and it seems to have a factory reverse camera. However, when I shift into reverse, I hear a beep (which might be from the aftermarket parking sensors), but the screen doesn’t change. Are there any common issues with the reverse camera on this model?



Hey…If your reverse camera is not working, there are several steps you can take to diagnose and potentially fix the issue.


Which steps are you talking about?


The issue you’re experiencing with the reverse camera can be really disturbing. Common problems that could cause the camera not to display on the screen when you shift into reverse include faulty wiring or loose connections, camera malfunction, and even software glitches.
Since you don’t even know the problem, seems you re inexperienced in car issues. Therefore, you should just see a mechanic to fix the issue.


It’s worth checking the connections to ensure everything is properly plugged in.

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It sounds like there might be an issue with the reverse camera system in your 2020 i10. While I’m not aware of any specific common issues with the reverse camera in this model, there could be various reasons why it’s not functioning properly.

This video has the answer that you are looking for

If this happens to your camera, this is what you do;
1.First Check the Power Supply: Ensure that the camera is properly connected to the power source.

2.Inspect the Wiring: Look for any signs of damaged or loose wiring and secure any connections.

3.Clean the Camera Lens: Sometimes, dirt or debris on the lens can cause the camera to malfunction.

4.Reset the Camera: If your camera has a reset function, try using it to resolve the issue.

Clean the lens– The lens could be covered in dirt, dust, mud, water, or even fog, so try cleaning the lens with a soft microfibre cloth. For built-up grime, you can purchase a lens cleansing solution which will help to remove anything that can disrupt its view.