Santa Fe 2019 Transmission fluid

Hey everyone!

It is time for the first transmission fluid change on my 2019 Santa Fe 2.0T. Can anyone recommend the type of fluid I should use? In my region, the Santa Fe is only sold with 2.4 engines, so the official dealers do not support my USA model. Thanks in advance!

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Three weeks ago, I drained and replaced the 1,50,000 KMS of fluid in my 2013 Santafe with Aisin ATF SPIV fluid. It was nice to see that, unlike my trailblazer before, it was plain brown.

Although Valvoline is a great product, this one (Aisin fluid) was suggested instead since it is created in Korea especially for Asian cars.

smoother and more proficient than previously. The majority of them utilize Aisin instead of OEM fluid for their Hyundai and Kia vehicles since it is superior.