Seeking Recommendations for EQ Settings?

Hey everyone,

So, I’ve got a 2015 Sonata Limited with the Tech and Ultimate packages, and I’m really digging the Infinity sound system in it. I’ve noticed that the EQ settings are set in the middle for bass and treble. While some of my SiriusXM presets sound amazing, others could use a bit of tweaking.

Do any of you have recommendations for default EQ settings that would give me great sound across the board? Or do you think the default settings are good enough?

Appreciate any advice you’ve got!

Hey there!

Glad you’re enjoying your Sonata’s Infinity sound system! Since EQ preferences can vary, tweaking your settings could enhance your listening experience. A good start is to boost the bass and treble slightly for more depth and clarity. Consider different presets for various music genres and adjust the midrange to balance the sound.

Try small changes to see what suits your taste best. Minor tweaks can significantly improve sound quality. Have fun fine-tuning your system!

Hey there!

Glad you’re enjoying the Infinity system in your Sonata! For better sound across various SiriusXM stations, try tweaking your EQ settings. Boosting the bass and treble slightly above middle might enrich the sound. Consider creating different presets for varied music genres for optimal listening. Adjusting the midrange can also balance the sound. Experiment to find what sounds best. Enjoy the music!