Smartliner vs Weathertech - Opinions

Hi there! I’m deciding between Weathertech and Smartliner for my new 2023 Santa Fe. Weathertech is more expensive. Do you have any advice on which one to choose?

Hey! I was in the same boat deciding on floor liners for my 2023 Santa Fe. Here’s the breakdown on WeatherTech and Smartliner to help you choose:


  • Pros: These are the industry leaders, known for their precise laser-cut fit and high-quality, heavy-duty feel. They have a higher lip to trap spills and mud, and their “High-Touch” floor liners have a sculpted channel system for extra protection. WeatherTech also offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Cons: They are more expensive than Smartliners. Some people find the rigid material a bit too stiff.


  • Pros: They offer a great fit for the 2023 Santa Fe at a more affordable price point. They are made from a softer material that some find more comfortable underfoot. Smartliner also boasts a lifetime warranty.
  • Cons: While Smartliners claim a precise fit, some reviews say they might not hug the contours of the Santa Fe’s interior quite as precisely as WeatherTech. The walls on the Smartliners might also be a tad shorter than WeatherTech’s.

Here’s my take:

  • If you prioritize absolute top-of-the-line protection and the most exact fit, WeatherTech is the way to go. Their channel system and higher walls might be ideal if you track in a lot of mess.
  • If price is a bigger concern and you don’t mind a slightly softer feel, Smartliners are a great option. They still offer excellent protection and a good fit for your Santa Fe.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your priorities. If you’re torn, you can even check out reviews of Lasfit floor liners - they’re a newer player in the game and getting good reviews for the Santa Fe too.

I’ve been looking at floor liners for my own car lately.

WeatherTech and Smartliner are both popular options.

If you tell me a bit more about what you prioritize in floor liners (budget, fit, material, etc.), I can do some research and recommend which might be a better fit for your needs.

Both Weathertech and Smartliner provide high-quality goods, but your choice should be based on your budget and unique requirements. Weathertech products are often more expensive, but they are known for their high quality and precision fit. Smartliner offers a more affordable solution without sacrificing function. Consider your priorities and money to make the best decision.