Understanding and Optimizing Smart Mode in Hyundai Vehicles

I’ve started utilizing my Hyundai’s Smart Mode, and I’m wondering how to get the most of it. Is there a way to optimize Smart Mode for various driving circumstances and explain how it operates? Comparing this driving mode to others, have you observed any notable advantages or disadvantages? I would be very grateful for any personal experiences or guidance.


When I use my Hyundai’s Smart Mode, I find it adjusts quite well to different driving situations, balancing between performance and efficiency depending on how I drive. It’s handy not having to switch modes manually all the time.

Try modifying the steering, throttle, and gearbox settings for your driving style and road conditions to get the most out of Smart Mode. Smart can offer a good compromise between efficiency and performance when compared to other modes. It performs admirably in mixed city/highway use, in my experience. Please contact me with any more inquiries!