What are the reviews like for the Hyundai Sonata?

Hey, I’ve heard some negative stuff about Hyundai’s reliability in the media. I’m curious to know from real owners like you about their experiences with reliability, both the good and the bad, especially with the 2020 and newer Sonatas.

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I’ve had my Sonata for 23 months and 18,000 miles, and it’s been smooth sailing. No issues at all, it’s a great car. Although, I still can’t help but think whoever designed that front grille deserves a swift kick in the rear, preferably with steel toe boots!

The Sonata is as a good blend of style, tech, and value, despite some reliability reservations.

5.5 years with a 2018 Hyundai Sonata:

My Review

Loved: Heated seats, comfort, quiet cabin, highway mileage, trunk space, touchscreen, easy maintenance.

Hated: City mileage, weak Eco mode, lack of AWD (buyer’s regret in winter).

Ugly: Unexpected oil burning after 40k miles. Traded in due to reliability concerns.

Verdict: Great car if engine issues weren’t there.

All I can say Hyundai Sonata has been smooth, value, reliable, and stylist

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