What Battery Size 4 Elantra 09

This seems absurd, but when I research replacement battery for a 2009 elantra, I get nothing. Has anyone replaced a 07-09 battery?

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You can find many models available for your car, you should search well for them on net or contact with your nearest Hyundai service center. They will let you know about this.

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Don’t fret about finding a battery size for your 2009 Elantra! Here’s the fix:

  • Confusing online information? It happens because some Elantras use different batteries.
  • Check your owner’s manual or current battery (if safe to access) for the Group Size code (e.g., 121R).
  • Local Hyundai dealership parts department can also help.

Remember, group size ensures fit, and CCA (cold cranking amps) matters for your climate.