What could be causing the P0014 code on a Hyundai i10 Active, indicating 'B Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 1'?

When I took my car for its MOT, the tester checked it with a machine called OBD and found a problem code called P0014. It means something related to the camshaft is not working right. I’m not sure what this means. Also, today while driving, I noticed the engine light turned on. I went to the shop, but when I left to go home, the light was off. Can someone explain what’s happening with the code and why the engine light turned on and then went off? Thanks.

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Code P0014 from the MOT test indicated that the car’s camshaft timing may be wrong (engine light issue). Poor gas mileage or harsh idling may result from this.

Your vehicle’s on/off engine light could be caused by:

a brief error.
The issue is not entirely resolved by the mechanic.

Consult a mechanic to diagnose the engine light and P0014 code. Later on, worse problems may result from ignoring it.

A P0014 can be logged because of low or contaminated engine oil, faulty oil control solenoid, failed camshaft actuator, and damaged timing components, among others. If your vehicle logs a P0014, you can expect it to exhibit symptoms like hard starting, stalling, rough idling, poor fuel economy, and engine misfire.

Oh no, a P0014 code sounds bad Those signs (hard starting, rough running, etc.) definitely mean that something needs to be fixed. This information helps us figure out what might be causing the problem. Taking your car to a trusted mechanic to get it checked out and fixed would be the next step.