What is Auto Hold on Hyundai cars?

What does it mean when “Auto Hold” lights up on the dashboard? My wife’s 2020 Santa Fe SEL had it come on this morning. How do you turn it off?


Hey, just thought I might save someone some grief with a brief warning. Like many users, I often use Auto Hold in the drive-thru. Yesterday, after a long day skiing, I stopped at my favorite burger joint. The drive-thru has a tight curve, so the steering wheel is always turned. At the payment window, which has an external pay terminal, I had to lean out the window to swipe my card.

Because of the awkward angle and my desire to avoid curbing my tires, I was far from the terminal and had to lean way out. While swiping my card, the vehicle suddenly lurched forward and crashed into a column just three feet away.

Long story short, my door is likely totaled, and the front driver-side body panel from the side mirror to almost the front of the car is severely damaged. It looks like I was in a major wreck.

At first, it felt like the car took off by itself. After some research, I concluded that I must have inadvertently hit the gas pedal while leaning out the window.

I feel like an idiot, but I’ve been driving for 20 years without any accidents. Replaying the scenario, I realize this wouldn’t have happened without Auto Hold. Normally, I would have had my foot on the brake or the car in Park.

Auto Hold is a great feature, but be aware of the potential danger of accidentally hitting the gas pedal while leaning out. This awareness might save someone else from what will likely be a costly repair.


Auto Hold on Hyundai cars keeps the vehicle stationary without the driver needing to keep their foot on the brake, enhancing convenience and safety in traffic or on inclines.


Auto Hold in Hyundai cars maintains the vehicle’s stationary position without requiring the driver to keep their foot on the brake pedal. It activates when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, and releases when the accelerator pedal is pressed. This feature enhances convenience in traffic or on hills, reducing driver fatigue and providing a smoother driving experience.

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In order to improve convenience and safety, particularly in stop-and-go traffic, Auto Hold is a feature that is offered on several Hyundai vehicles. When Auto Hold is activated, it automatically applies the brakes when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. This means the driver can release the brake pedal, and the car will remain stationary.