What is the average cost to replace ignition coils on a 2014 Hyundai Elantra Limited?

Hey guys, quick question, I recently had one ignition coil replaced along with all my spark plugs and wires back in early November, and it cost me about $380. Does that sound expensive to you? Now I’m experiencing the same issue again, so I think I might need another ignition coil replaced.


I hope you didn’t pay anyone to replace your plug wires because there aren’t any. The coil goes directly onto the spark plug.

$380 could make sense if it was done by a dealer, depending on how they broke down the costs. An OEM coil is listed at $116.32, and OEM spark plugs are $20.85 each, totaling $199.72 before tax. Dealers can set their own prices, so they might charge more, especially if they mark up the parts above list price. We have a local dealer nearby that charges nearly double the list price, so we often get their customers. Plus, there’s the cost of labor, which shouldn’t exceed an hour, and any diagnostic fees if they applied. So, $380 might be reasonable considering all these factors.

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It’s actually not a difficult job at all. The main costs are for OEM parts and mechanic or dealer labor, which can be quite expensive. I recently replaced all four spark plugs and coil packs myself. I opted for aftermarket coil packs but used reputable brand spark plugs. It took me about 30 minutes of work and cost around $75 for parts. I also had to buy about $20 worth of tools, but now I have them for future use. While I was at it, I also replaced both fog lights. If you’re comfortable, these tasks are totally doable for anyone willing to give it a shot.