What problem did the Hyundai N Line owner face in California?

So, I watched this YouTube video about a Hyundai N being pulled over by the police in California. They accused the driver of using track mode, saying it’s illegal and he needs to spend $7000 to fix it. But when he took it to the dealer, they said the car is stock and doesn’t need any changes. Now he’s stuck because he can’t drive the car. The dealer says it’s fine, but the police disagree. What should he do now? I can’t imagine spending $40,000 on a car and not being able to drive it, with the dealer unable to help. Could something like this happen in other places or only in California?

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Driver stopped for utilizing Hyundai N’s “track mode” (CA). Dealer claims automobile is stock, but police claim it is illegal and requires a $7000 modification. Vehicle jammed!

This is both perplexing and annoying.

The driver has the following options:

Defend the ticket by speaking with a traffic attorney.
Get assistance or clarification from Hyundai.

There are also unclear auto modification laws in other places. Examine your local regulations and stay off of “track mode” on public roads until clarification is obtained.

Okay, after watching the video, I believe the police officer had the right to issue the ticket, but the other information was incorrect.

The owner of a Hyundai Elantra N says he has to sell the car because the state took away its registration because of engine noise.