What should I do about the "Consider taking a break" warning?

In 2021, it was possible to deactivate the Driver Attention Warning system. However, in my 2024 model, I’ve noticed that it activates as soon as I embark on a long drive and intermittently reappears throughout the journey. Its persistence, appearing within the first 4 minutes and then recurring every 4 minutes thereafter, seems nonsensical.

The only consolation is that it automatically disappears after a few moments.

Unfortunately, in the 2024 model, there is no option to disable this warning message, unlike in the 2021 version.

When your Hyundai shows the “Consider Taking a Break” message, it means your car thinks you might be tired or not paying attention. This is to help you stay safe and avoid accidents. Here’s what to do:

  • Pull over somewhere safe right away.
  • Take a break and rest for a bit. Move around a little to wake up.
  • Try changing the temperature and drink water to feel more alert.
  • If the message keeps showing up, check the car manual for help or ask a professional.
  • Keep up with regular car check-ups like tire pressure and fluids to avoid these messages.

That persistent activation every 4 minutes does seem a bit excessive and could be quite distracting. While it’s nice that the warning disappears on its own after a bit, it’s still not ideal for it to keep popping up like that. It’s a shame that the option to disable it, which was available in the 2021 model, seems to have disappeared in the 2024 version. Have you tried reaching out to the manufacturer or dealership to see if there’s any way to adjust or customize the settings to better suit your preferences? Sometimes they might have insights or solutions that aren’t immediately obvious.

You can also provide feedback to the manufacturer about your experience with the Driver Attention Warning system in the 2024 model. They may take customer input into consideration for future updates or models, potentially reintroducing the option to disable the warning message based on user preferences. What do you think?