Why is my car making a squeaking noise when turning?

I’m hoping someone here can help me figure out an issue with my car. Lately, I’ve noticed a squeaking noise whenever I turn the steering wheel, especially during sharper turns. It’s been getting progressively louder, and I’m starting to get worried. Does anyone know what could be causing this squeaking noise when I turn? Any advice on how to diagnose or fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. TIA


Hello, Your car may squeak when turning due to worn-out or dry steering components like ball joints or tie rod ends, indicating the need for inspection and possible replacement.

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Hello, your car may have squeaky noise when turning, reason being that there is Low power steering fluid, the power steering fluid helps in lubrication of the components that allow you to turn the wheel. If the fluid level is low, it can cause the parts to rub together and make a squeaking noise. This is a relatively easy fix - you can usually check and top up the fluid yourself, though consult your car’s manual for specifics, also Worn Out Suspension Components such as the ball joints, bushings, or tie rod ends might be worn out, causing squeaks as they move.

Hello there, you can check the steering fluid reservoir. Most engines have plastic canisters with a line on the side, so I believe it’s one of them.

If you hear a squeaking noise when turning, it could signal a safety issue. If you’re unsure about checking the car yourself, it’s wise to have a mechanic inspect and advise on any needed repairs.