Why Is My Hyundai's Windshield Washer Not Working?

Has Anyone Had Issues with Their Hyundai’s Windshield Washer?

My car is at 63,000 miles and the windshield washer stopped working. Does anyone know if this is covered by warranty? When I press the lever, a little bit of liquid squirts out, then nothing, and I can hear the motor spinning when I press it again. Has anyone else experienced this? If it’s not covered by warranty, how much might the dealer charge to fix it? Thanks in advance.


Try using a straight pin to clear the nozzles; it might dislodge any debris. It sounds like they could be clogged since you can hear the pump working.


For sure, open your hood and pull off the plastic lines going to your windshield squirters (don’t know the technical term) and see if water comes out with any force as you use the windshield wipers.


The dealership wants $120 to unclog mine. It runs but nothing comes out; they said there’s buildup in the hose. I’m going to try unplugging it from the nozzles on the hood and see if any liquid comes out. I hope it’s not the hose because I’m too frugal to pay that. LOL

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When I press the lever, a small squirt of water comes out initially, but then nothing. I can hear the pump running, and if I wait a while and press the lever again, a little bit of water squirts out once more.

Hey, did you manage to fix this issue yourself? Or did you end up taking it to the dealership? I’m trying to avoid whatever estimate the local dealership might charge.

In my experience, if your car is still under warranty, issues like this are often covered. Typically, the warranty details should specify whether items like windshield washers fall under the coverage.

The issue might be a blockage in the washer system or a malfunctioning pump. Generally, diagnosing and fixing such issues at a dealership could range from $50 to $200 or more, depending on what needs to be replaced.

I advice that you first check your warranty details or contact your dealership’s service department to understand your coverage and get an estimate for repairs.