2011 hyundai sonata front bumper

My 2011 Sonata’s front bumper is broken. The mechanic says it’s due to damage and that a clip underneath has broken, causing the bumper to stick out. They suggested either gluing it back or replacing the bumper for $900. The front end is low to the ground, and we don’t recall any major impacts aside from maybe hitting a couple of potholes. It seems like the part isn’t very durable. Has anyone else experienced this?


You are not alone in experiencing issues with the front bumper of the 2011 Sonata. Personally, I recently had a similar problem, indicating that the bumper clips and mounting tabs can be a weak point on this model.
It seems that the durability of the bumper clips and tabs could be a concern for the 2011 Sonata
Therefore, to prevent the bumper from spoiling, we should learn to drive carefully due to the low clearance at the front of the vehicle.

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Before deciding on whether to glue the bumper back or replace it, you might want to get a second opinion from another mechanic or body shop.

I had a similar issue with my car. The front bumper clips can be pretty flimsy, especially with a low car like the Sonata. Potholes and small bumps can break those clips over time. If it were me, I’d probably go for the replacement if I planned to keep the car for a while. Anyone else had this problem and found a good solution?"